Saturday, August 15, 2009

Beckham to Milan Stay More

Los Angeles - For the umpteenth time, David Beckham revealed plans to play again for AC Milan. Rather took Carlo Ancelotti to Chelsea, he felt more want to join with Leonardo.

Beckham to Milan mengincar inhabited from January 2010, in order to secure its place in the UK skuad. Moreover, coach Fabio Capello said clearly that the players terpilihnya is that they play a regular league in Europe.

Because you want to persevere once again play in the World Cup - after France 1998, Korea-Japan 2002 and Germany 2006 - the age of 34 years until diisukan-up will go home to England, if Milan do not want to menampungnya again after Christmas.

But Beckham denied the issue. The reason, he is confident that the Rossoneri have set up a place if you want it? Working in the San Siro. He was considered quite successful in peminjamannya's LA Galaxy in the second half of season ago.

"Easy course. I want to return to Milan and Milan have said that they akan senan menerimaku again," Beckham said in the publication of daily Gazzetta dello Sport edition Friday (14/8/2009).

"If Milan okay, all depending on me. I do not see any problems that will arise. I think I will go back (to it) after the transfer market opens again in January."

Akan rumor about him to Chelsea now ditukangi former pelatihnya in Milan, Ancelotti, Beckham menampiknya. If you leave the Galaxy again later in the New Year, only the costumes' red-black 'in the head of Beckham, the team that is currently Leonardo trained.

"There is no danger if the goal," accuse him. "(But) I am happy time in Milan. I want to take more things that I leave in May."

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Waiting for Delicious 'cheese' From Ancelotti

Chelsea manager Carlo Ancelotti said filosofinya is' key to get the best results is patience '. He mengibaratkan football is like making cheese.

Towards the start of new season Liga Primer, speech that is not less warm than the candidates who champion who is the manager akan didepak on this season.

By betting the house Betbrain, Ancelotti name to be placed in sequence with the potential 11-23 / 1. However, when only limited in the clubs' Big Four ', the manager of Italian origin in the top.

Chelsea manager became synonymous with sitting in the hot seat. José Mourinho presents a six degree served for three years, also did not escape from the firing.

After Mourinho, there are three managers that handle the Blues in the last two years of Avram Grant, Luiz Felipe Scolari and Guus Hiddink. From the third, only Hiddink leaving Stamford Bridge is not the status of the sack. When the sack, either Grant or Scolari has not even one-year deal with Chelsea.

Ancelotti how fate this season? Under the landing, 'The Blue' record results of pre-season is good. They also become a successful champion tournament opener, Community Shield, with the Manchester United compete through penalty.

However, the club owner Roman Abramovich was all of course not enough. So the problem, how is that Russian millionaire patiently awaiting the results of Ancelotti?

Manager berjuluk Don Carletto is stressed that the philosophy of football is its patience. She get it from the philosophy of the small attention to the production process of making cheese.

"My father is a breeder. The result is the most important susu (cows) that quality, as a material for cheese dassar quality also," said Ancelotti as quoted from the Goal.

"If you want to produce cheese, the one the previous year must prepare raw material first," he added.

"You start now and quoting the result of one or two years. That is my philosophy with football," the man who had close refine Juventus and AC Milan this.

When mengarsiteki Milan, Ancelotti great success. Trofi dipersembahkannya eight, including two in the Champions League. However, tap trofi Ancelotti open in a new season with both Il Diavolo Rosso.

So, please wait patiently for the 'cheese' product Ancelotti, Roman

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Friday, March 6, 2009

Kaka Back Do not Know When

Milan - Kaka condition after the injury months ago dikabarkan continue to improve. But up to now cut one half AC Milan not know when it will return sod.
Kaka to injury on February 7 ago when Milan play Reggina in equilibrium with the Italian League. Because with less than perfect landing and then he experienced a problem on the feet.
After almost a month passed the former condition of the world's best players continue to improve the dikabarkan. However, to be re-imposed uniform Rossoneri and sod can make sure he has not at that time will arrive.
"I will speak again when I return. I feel a little better and I continue to work hard in training sessions. I still feel a little sick," said Kaka in La Gazzetta dello Sport as Goal made.

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Lippi: No Club UK represents the UK

Roma - Round of 16 Champions League this season is called the contention Italian English contra. Marcello Lippi when the context is not appropriate because the English club is not representing their country. Sweepstakes round of 16 Champions League this season forced six clubs from the UK and Italy have each other sikut. Apart from Arsenal who meet AS Roma, Inter Milan have survived challenging champion Manchester United and Chelsea Juventus tested.
Terlalui after the first leg, while the UK can be spelled out following a victory over superior enclosure that achieve the Gunners and the Blues while holding the Red Devils in equilibrium Nerazzurri Giuseppe Meazza. But Lippi refused presumption is, soalnya Premiership clubs disebutnya does not represent the UK as a country.
The reason is the number of foreign players who defend the club's third. Even the three trainers who are also pembesut nothing berkewarganegaraan UK, Italy is different from the trio who still have a lot of local players with Jose Mourinho be the only foreign coach.
Add the respective owners of Premiership clubs, in which two Russian businessmen dikomandani clubs (Arsenal and Chelsea) while the other two, led by the United States (MU and Liverpool).
"Chelsea, Manchester (United), and Arsenal do not represent English football. Although, as a lot going on in many countries, globalization includes football owners, trainers and the majority of players are not English, "said Lippi made as AFP.
Arsenal rarely reduce the original English, similar things happened in the Liverpool starting 11 in his charge have Steven Gerrard and Jamie Carragher. Similar conditions can be found in Chelsea, which only rely on John Terry, Frank Lampard and Ashley Cole is so key, though still have Joe Cole who played often enough.
The condition of the top stand, MU, there is no difference. Have recorded only four native English players regularly so the choice of Sir Alex Ferguson Wayne Rooney, Paul Scholes, Rio Ferdinand and Michael Carrick.
"Pertarungan sejati between the two countries (UK and Italy) is only happen on a national level team," coach Timnas Italy pungkas that.

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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Beckham & Pato doubt

Bremen - AC Milan continue to prepare dirongrong injury in the face Werder Bremen in the round of 32 UEFA Cup. Finally, David Beckham and Alexandre Pato doubt can sod.
This is expressed by Milan coach Carlo Ancelotti. "Still not sure whether Beckham or Pato will be able to play," he said as diwartakan AFP.
Beckham, peminjamannya the players who will soon be exhausted, suffering injuries when defending Rossoneri in Milan derby against Inter. There, players aged 33 years was drawn in the minutes to-57.
While Pato also experienced problems on ototnya. When against Inter, Brazilian players aged 19 years was to play a full 90 minutes.
Beckham and Pato has a significant role for Milan. Beckham is borrowed from the LA Galaxy already donated two goals and a assist. Meanwhile, time Pato was already 11 at the gate opposite Series A.
Beckham when Pato and really can not play, it will be for the brunt telak Milan. Section, against Bremen in the Weserstadion, Thursday (19/2/2009) dinihari WIT later, Diavolo Rosso already lost two other two important pillars.
They will be absent is that Kaka and Andriy Shevchenko. Kaka suffered the injury while Reggina and not even playing against Inter. While Sheva dibekap left thigh injury.
In addition, the combination of Beckham has also been quite teruji. At the time of defeat Lazio 3-0, Becks gave sodoran bait so the converted goal by Pato.

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